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Water Service Line Information

Water Service Lines
CRMU provides water to its customers and maintains the water mains required to deliver water to homes and businesses. The water main and water meter are owned by CRMU (blue in the picture below). It is usually located in the basement or outside the property in a meter pit.

Property owners are responsible for the connection (tap) to the water main and the piping (service line) that carries water from the main to the meter (everything in black in the picture below). The property owner is also responsible for protecting and providing access to the water meter. When a problem occurs, CRMU staff will assist the property owner in determining the cause of the problem and the appropriate course of action.

Water Curb Stop Box

The stop box houses the valve used to turn the water service on and off to a property. It is usually located in the public right of way. CRMU requires that the stop box be operable at all times.

Who owns the stop box?
The property owner owns the stop box and is responsible for its repair.

How does the stop box operate?

To operate the stop box, a long key is placed inside the housing and lowered onto the valve to turn the water service on or off. Sometimes, due to age or damage, the stop box does not operate, requiring repair.

Why is the stop box operated?
CRMU will operate the stop box:
  • - to terminate service at the owner’s request when a property is sold
  • - to cut water service for internal plumbing repairs
  • - at a rental property to discontinue water service when the tenant is moving
  • - when a customer fails to make timely payment on their water bill
  • - There are instances when the stop box will need to be repaired.

The stop box may need to be repaired when:
- The stop box is too high or too low as the top of the stop box should be level with the ground
- The stop box is located under concrete or asphalt and is not accessible
- The valve does not operate
- The housing becomes bent and the key cannot be lowered onto the valve
- The rod is loose and does not connect to the valve

Who will make the repairs?
CRMU recommends that you contract the services of a licensed plumber.  If you do not make repair arrangements, CRMU will contract the services of a plumber or perform the work ourselves and bill the charges to your account.

How much will it cost for repairs?
The cost will depend on the work required to make the repair.

What if my service line starts to leak?
Please notify CRMU if you notice water leaking and our representative will assist in determining the location of the leak.  Sometimes it is difficult to determine the source of the leaking water as it follows the path of least resistance and does not always come to the surface right near the leak.  Once located, the property owner will be notified to contact a licensed plumber to make repairs to the leaking service line.

What if my service line starts to leak and water is not coming to the surface of the ground?
During our routine leak survey of the distribution system, using electronic leak detection equipment, leaks are sometimes located that don’t come to the surface.  Our leak detection personnel will attempt to determine the source of leaking water and inform you of its general location.

Who is responsible for the water meter?
The water meter is usually located in the basement or in a meter pit outside the building.  The property owner is responsible for protecting the meter from freezing temperatures and providing access to the meter and meter reading equipment.  If the meter freezes and breaks, CRMU will replace the meter and bill the charges to your account. The water meter is owned by CRMU.

Insurance Coverage Options?
Many customers don't realize the entire exterior water service line that connects your home to CRMU's water main is your responsibility as a homeowner. If you were unfortunate enough to suffer a break in this line or discover an inoperable shutoff valve, it would be up to you to find a plumber and face potentially costly repairs.

CRMU is making homeowners aware that your homeowner's insurance most likely doesn't cover these kinds of repairs; however, there are different insurance carrier plans that protect homeowners from the costs associated with repairs to their water service lines.  While CRMU does not promote or recommend a particular carrier - one such company that offers this type of insurance is HomeServe USA.