Wastewater History

It all began back in the roaring 20s...

There are two systems that make up the wastewater facility for Coon Rapids. They are the collection system and the treatment system.

The wastewater collection system was constructed in the 1920's. This gravity flow system consisted of 6, 8, 10 and 12-inch vitrified clay pipe (vcp). Wastewater flowed to a trickling filter plant until 1978 when a 3-cell facultative lagoon system was constructed.

As Coon Rapids grew over the years, so did the collection system. Extensions were built with "vcp" or plastic pipe for mains, ductile iron pipe or plastic force mains, two lift stations and numerous manholes. There are also several small, private pump stations.

Today the collection system consists of more than 348 thousand feet of mains, 160 manholes, 5 thousand feet of force mains and 2 lift stations.