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Calling Features

The following features are available on a monthly basis with CRMU Digital Telephone service. Please click on any individual feature listed below for a more complete description, benefits and instructions on how it works.

Digital Voice Messaging: Use CRMU's digital answering service.
Digital Voice Mail GOLD:
Have voice mails emailed to you and manage your voice mail through the web.
Caller ID:
See who's calling before you answer.
Caller ID Name & Number Block: Keep your name and number from being displayed.
Call Waiting ID: Combines Caller ID and Call Waiting.
Call Waiting: You'll know when another caller is trying to reach you.
Three-Way Calling: Talk with two different people in different places at the same time.
Call Return: Redial you last caller - even if you didn't answer.
Priority Ringing: Know when someone special is calling.
Secondary Number Ring: Have a second number ring differently to identify which number is being called.
Speed Dialing: Quickly dial eight of your most frequently dialed numbers.
Simring: Program up to four phone numbers to ring simultaneously when your number is dialed.
Busy Redial: Get through to busy numbers as soon as they're free.
Call Forwarding: Send your calls to another number.
Selective Call Forwarding: Decide which callers should be forwarded.
Call Forwarding - Busy: When your line is busy, your callers can still reach someone else.
Call Forwarding - No Answer: Can't answer? Forward your calls to someone who can.
Selective Call Acceptance: Decide which calls you will take.
Selective Call Rejection: Don't let unwanted calls disturb you and reject up to twelve local numbers at one time.